I applied for bitB as low/midstakes player who was struggling to make a leap and wasn’t really sure if he actually wants it. Didn’t really knew what I was coming into but after first moment of joining Academy I was overwhelmed by many new information and access to videos and both strategical and mindset discussions by some of the greatest minds this game can offer. And I got lot more than I was hoping for – really supportive, non-toxic and open-minded community in which being honest with yourself and your peers is encouraged. Got coached by people who took the same route and were playing same schedule as me just recently, took the leap and now crushing mid/high stakes which was very important for me when I was choosing the stable since I wanted to be coached by people who know how it’s done in current state of the game. Playing poker on high level today is not an easy task, but if you want to make it and are willing to put the hours in the lab I don’t think there is a better option than bitB.