• Access to our video library with over 300 videos
  • 2 group reviews per week
  • All players have a private 1-on-1 session each month
  • Watch live streaming sessions on Tuesdays with €urop€an, Elmerixx and Pads1161
  • Work with the best mid-high stakes MTT players
  • Big emphasis on high quality coaching

Over the last three years we have strived to define and improve our processes to get the best out of our team. We currently work with players covering all of the MTT buy-in spectrum providing help and support for every aspect of the game.

We provide two group reviews per week, as well as a private one-on-one session once per month, with all coachings taught by one or more of the seventeen coaches on the team. You also have the opportunity to work with our Mental Game Coaches James Whittet and Dan Heskett, who provide help and support to our players in all aspects of the game. We put a big emphasis on high quality coaching and this resulted in us having our first $1,000,000 profit month from bitB players in September 2016, where we amassed twenty WCOOP final tables and crowned five champions.

Total profit

Each coach has worked their way up through the stakes and knows exactly what it takes to get to the top. Our players listen and trust us because we speak from experience. You can view the combined profits of just some of our coaches by clicking below.

Coaching by the best MTT players


Samuel Vousden

Head Coach/Investor


Patrick Leonard

Head Coach/Investor


Tomi Brouk

Head Coach/Investor



We have assembled the best MTT players in the world to create a stellar coaching team that has made over 20 million dollars playing online MTTs.


No longer will you have to miss the best tournaments because of bankroll constraints. We provide daily top ups on every site.


Connect with the hungriest MTT players in the world, studying and discussing hands 24/7.