Our Tier System

In MTT’s people are too quick to judge whether you’re a good player based on results alone. We take a more objective approach, taking into account a player’s statistics, results, coaching attendance and community activity. As a result, our players are able to play at different stake levels based on their overall performance as a member of the team rather than how well they’ve ran over a somewhat irrelevant sample size.

Within our tier system, every player knows what tier they are in, and what they need to do in order to move up to the next one. We perform in-depth reviews with our players every three months where we’re able to provide feedback on performance, and guidance to help them improve. It is in both bitB Staking and every player’s best interest for them to move up to as high a tier as their potential allows.

We have a Main Stable with players in tiers 1-8 playing an ABI of $40-300+ with everyone in the Main Stable striving to reach tier one.

We provide the best resources available, the rest is up to you. How badly do you want it?

TIER 1-8 ($40 – $300+ ABI)

  • Unlimited Bankroll
  • Monthly 1-on-1 Elite Coaching Sessions
  • 2 Weekly Group Coaching Sessions
    • 3 Weekly Video Coaching sessions
  • Access to our video library
  • Access to our private strategy server



We have assembled the best MTT players in the world to create a stellar coaching team that has made over 20 million dollars playing online MTTs.


No longer will you have to miss the best tournaments because of bankroll constraints. We provide daily top ups on every site.


Connect with the hungriest MTT players in the world, studying and discussing hands 24/7.