Dan is a Poker Mindset Coach who has worked with over 300 poker players from all around the world ranging from high stakes cash game professionals to some of the top heads up sit and go and MTT grinders in the world. When you start working with Dan he will begin by identifying all issues/leaks holding you back from reaching your full potential. Once this is done he will then create a fully personalised coaching plan based on which issues you’ve both agreed need to be addressed. Then by combining state of the art Mindset Coaching techniques with powerful hypnotic suggestion, get to work on dealing with them all one by one. By working with Dan you will have access to all of the tools, tactics and routines that’s he’s learnt from spending 10 years as a mid/high stakes professional poker player as well as from working with some of the best poker players in the world.

Dan’s coaching can help you:

– Adopt a professional mindset that you can apply to any situation
– Improve your focus and concentration
– Develop unshakeable confidence and self belief

– Set goals and achieve them
– Increase motivation
– Embrace variance
– Put in the work away from the table/optimise study habits
– Eradicate tilt (This really is possible!)
– Create a schedule and lifestyle design
– Eliminate self sabotage and the destructive behaviours holding you back from achieving your goals.