But most people aren’t that smart. Me neither. So what’s the story of me being relatively successful at Poker and how did I get there. I guess almost everyone could get there, like the advertisement where someone tells you to get fit in 30 days, we can all do it!

Before telling you what I think is the way to go I will share with you a little about my story. I was born in 1985 in Russia as a German and moved to Germany after the wall fell down. I went to school and was above average intelligence but I was lazy as fuck. So I didn’t have great results in my exams and ended up getting a job in an office. During that time I got to the wonderful game of Texas Hold’em no limit. It was late 2005 and like a lot of other Germans I started learning basic stuff at Poker Strategy. From the start I had a passion I’d never had before.

Before I ever played an online hand I read a book to be prepared for the low limits at Limit Hold’em. I had started studying business and this also gave me a lot of free time to study Poker. Before that I was at a big disadvantage: I worked 40 hours a week, had a second job as a pizza delivery driver and on the weekend I was busy spending the money in nightclubs. But I tried hard to squeeze in a session or read a strategy book in my breakfast break at my job and then my learning process got way better in 2008.

The next step I made was to connect to other Poker players and start discussing hands. I started at the very bottom with a lot of other weak players, but I managed that Skype group and tried to let in only better players. Within two years I was at the very bottom in the group. Everyone was way better and won more money. I got lucky and one of the top players wanted to stake and mentor me, he brought me to the next level and I was able to win 10$ per game with a good soft schedule over a pretty large sample.

We ended the deal in 2013 then in 2014 I was lucky enough to get staked and coached by Doug Polk. A lot of people asked me back in the day how an average German player like me got this deal. I would say, sometimes you need a little bit of luck, but you need to push it aswell. I went to Vienna for the EPT (I didnt play the main, it was way too big for me) and we went to a party and I met Marty aka TheLipoFund. We become friends and he and Doug started an MTT stable, it was as simple as that. I got in and I was happy as fuck. I attended every coaching session he gave us, I rewatched content a lot and made notes. I got better and better and up to Summer 2016 we both had a great time in this project.

Patrick Leonard approached me early 2016 to be one of the coaches at bitb. I declined because I had still a contract with Doug. But as soon as we closed that book, I wanted to open another one and from the start I felt that bitB was a great opportunity. Now, six months later I know it was the right decision. This is more or less my way from the bottom to top.

At the beginning I told you that I would explain to you how to get successful at Poker. If you read my story, you will see three big keys :

Passion – Without passion you won’t be successful in anything in your life.

Time – Have the passion but not the time to work ? You probably won’t make it!

Environment – You have the passion and the time but no environment to learn? There are chances you make it on your own. You just need to be as smart as the high stakes cash game crusher. If you are not then you should start searching for the right environment. It doesn’t mean necessarily bitB Staking. This blog post is not an advertisement, it’s just my view. If you find some better players to talk strategy without cutting your profits, you’ll maybe do alright.

No one but you can know if staking at bitB Staking is the best solution for you. If you have the passion and you want to put in everything you have, then it’s very likely you will get way better than you are now by doing so.

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