The year actually started out pretty tough, I assumed at the time I ran pretty bad from January-June and was unlucky to have a bad SCOOP but looking back I know now that I’m playing completely different to then and have a completely different strategy, so who knows if it was run good or run bad. Vegas kind of turned the year around, I managed to have a lot of deep runs in things and understood a few little live poker nuances that would help me in the future. I left Vegas with the feeling there was some unfinished business as I had a few close runs but in general I ran pretty well. I had pieces of people who had deep runs including Bonomo in the $50k and multiple people on the final table of the $100k one drop. I also managed to spin up a small deposit on an American site into a pretty sizeable withdrawal which helped too.

Just before Vegas I signed a deal to be an ambassador for Party Poker. I really strongly believed in their approach they were selling to me and really had a great first impression of Tom Waters and the guys who I spoke to over the first month. Since then they have been great with me, they are very receptive and open to hearing new ideas, suggestions and improvements. I think a lot of things have improved significantly including the tournament schedule that I get dozens of people messaging me and saying they love it and play more there than stars. The big goal now is to really push on and improve in every area and make it the number 1 site for as many people as possible. Some software adjustments, a few new tournaments and a slightly different approach to some areas of ecology and imo Party Poker will get back to being the best site in the world. Big love to all the guys at Party.

Vegas was very fun, living with great guys, having my gf over for the last few weeks, playing the Aria $25k and having really fun deep runs like the $5k turbo and $10k 6max. I think I played great throughout the summer but kind of regret how I played the main event. Day 1 went amazing and I had a huge stack, on day 2 I tried to force things a little and win the tournament that day. Definitely regret that in hindsight.

Post Vegas WCOOP went amazing. I managed to win a really prestigious tournament for $150k and then follow up with a 4th in a huge Sunday warm up special for $80k as well as winning a PokerFest $530 and cashing probably the top 3-5 out of everybody playing the series. I took great satisfaction in my good friend €urop€an crushing the series for over $1m after also having a somewhat unspectacular SCOOP. Together with Elmerixx we managed to win the pretty sizeable prop bet we had with some Swedish regs that we respect a lot.

Barcelona was around this time too and we had an amazing time with all the horses from bitB there. Personally I couldn’t spend as much time as I would have liked with the guys, but fortunately it was because I was in the final two tables of both the big high rollers. I got a really frustrating 13th with flush vs flush for a huge stack in the first one and followed that up with another somewhat frustrating 7th qq

I spent a lot of time studying and catching up on coaching over the next couple of months. I really enjoyed working with a few of our guys really closely and felt a few a-ha moments. That’s the good thing about coaching you’re not just helping somebody else but you’re revising important topics for yourself and exploring new areas together. The next live trip was Malta, I was determined not to leave Malta early. I was feeling amazing about my game and I always leave this shitty island earlier than I should haha. I managed to pure bubble the first $10k, probably made a small mistake not jamming 65o pre flop in one spot, but was marginal, then final tabled the $25k a few days later.

Again back online grinding before going to the Caribbean with PartyPoker which was really fun. Made day 2 of a tournament there but it doesn’t start till April so let’s see how that goes!

I had some great results over the last couple of months to close out the year including 2nd in the Thrill for $50k. I lost huge heads up here and regret a few small things that I could have perhaps done differently.

Staking wise, it actually sounds really weird for me to say staking wise, I don’t really even see it as staking anymore. The money we win or lose is similar to poker in which I don’t really play poker to make money anymore, I play poker for fun and competition and because I love it. bitB is the same now, I don’t do bitB anymore to make money, I do it because I love it, I love our community, I love our players, I love our coaches, I love our processes, our tools, our streams, our banter. Of course when you see the graph of us over $4m this year you can say yeah yeah of course you don’t care about the money. But it’s really the truth, I don’t think the coaches do it for the money either, maybe I’m living in a land of rainbows and teddybears here, but I think they are coaches for us because they appreciate the content that they also have available to them and the fact they are able to work with a bunch of highly motivated and appreciative students.

We had four main meet ups this year:

1- Dublin

I LOVED Dublin. Everything about it is absolutely amazing. I’d love to go again really soon. The people, the music, the poker, the vibe. Love it. We had a bunch of nights out here, didn’t play too much poker but had a nice little crew of bitB guys and we had a lot of fun. Shout out for Pat Brooks being under the table, he tried his best though.

2- Budapest

We met for 3 days of drinks, partying, dinners, socializing and having fun. We went to some big dinners together, removed our hangovers in the beautiful thermal baths and serenaded the senoritas of Hungary in the karaoke bars.

3- Barcelona

We went for 1-2 weeks, again lots of great parties, dinners and seeing this amazing city together and a bunch of our guys had good runs in tournaments. OneH1t in particular final tabling the very big Eureka high roller.

4- Prague

We went again for 1-2 weeks, this was mostly playing a lot due to how cold it was outside, but we managed to still squeeze in some dinners, drinks, pool and a few unconfirmed trips to degenerate places in the early hours of the morning.

Goals for 2017:

– Read 50 books
– “Invest” at least 50% of my money
– Play a full series during SCOOP/WCOOP
– Increase bitB stable to 130 players
– Play 2x quality sessions/week on average
– Go to Vegas for maximum 20 days
– Learn to drive

I moved to London five days ago, LOVING it here, maybe will even get on the VLOG grind like Jake. Let’s see, no promises 😉

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