My partners and I are first and foremost poker players. That’s what we do, that’s what we’re good at. We understand how to win at poker very well and it came natural for us to teach others the “method” of how to be successful in this game. Over the last 8 years I have always tried to network as much as possible and this allowed us to bring in the best players in the world to form the best coaching squad ever assembled in poker.

But as I touched on previously, we aren’t content at just being a “poker stable” we have lots of exciting ideas of how to monetize different projects within the poker industry. We have cool iPhone apps we’d like to push on with, we have plans of how to push new things in poker that haven’t been touched before that would be fire. But again, we have to remind ourselves, we aren’t Marc Zuckerberg right now, we are 3 very logical yet very inexperienced business guys. Fortunately we are in a position where finance isn’t as issue, but skills and tools are definitely limited. We know our own limitations and we aren’t foolish enough to try and pretend like we know everything about everything. We’ve been 3betting and hood flatting for all of our 20s rather than coding, programming or going to law school. This is why I’m writing this today, to try and find talented people to join the company and help us become one of the most successful poker orientated (and in the future who knows….) companies in the world.

In January we needed to build a website, week by week it went on and we didn’t get any further. None of us were website experts and the people we spoke to about building a website we wanted were quoting six figures! 7 months later we built it ourselves by scratch from a template website for $100. We have been looking into transitioning from 3 guys who give guys some money to gamble to becoming a proper company. Oh wait, we need to be law experts? Another thing we don’t have the foggiest about. Our social media page has 400 followers whilst Doug Polk gets 20,000 views for all of his YouTube videos? Yep, social media, another thing we don’t know how to do.
Everybody is very good at something, everybody has dedicated themselves to something and we are very appreciative on skills people have that we are clueless about. We want to get better at everything, we’re very happy to learn about everything, but we also realise that for things to be done at a standard high enough that we believe is acceptable you need a real expert in each position to make the decisions.
It’s weird, because usually when hiring staff you know exactly what you want, how much you want to pay, what their roles and responsibilities will be etc.

We’re leaving this as an open message.. We’re not necessarily looking for anybody in particular, but if you have an idea about a revenue stream you believe you could push under our brand, or if you’re a gaming specific lawyer, or if you’re a talented web developer, or if you’re a social media or YouTube expert or anything else that you think is perhaps relevant then get in touch. Fill in our application form and we will start the dialogue.

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