Hello world!

My name is Donald, aka D7, and today I’m delighted to announce the launch of bitB Cash; A partnership between d7sarmy and bitB Staking.

I started d7sarmy around 18 months ago, with the intention of creating the best route to MSNL for aspiring low and microstakes players. To help me with this goal, I recruited some of the smartest and most consistent winners at MSNL to work as coaches and jumped right in. Since then I’ve learned a great deal about running an effective coaching for profit team, as well as the most common pitfalls people fall into when trying to improve their game and move up. The organisation made great progress, as we continued to make improvements in the way we interact with our community, constantly taking feedback from students on what they find most useful and how we might do things better.

I’m fascinated by psychology and peak performance. My experience in this project so far has allowed me to work with all sorts of people: very formulaic players who struggle to adapt to the competition, players with good intuitive understanding vs weaker players who can’t hold their own vs stronger opponents, and many others who have one or more areas that are holding them back from realising their potential.

Asides from their technical understanding, I’ve also seen all sorts of scenarios play out with people’s mental game. Of course I’ve had to work at developing student’s understanding of variance when things aren’t going well, but equally I’ve seen the bad habits and beliefs people can develop when they start to achieve success. These observations corroborate the conclusions drawn by most students of elite performance, focus on the process, rather than the outcome, and progress will eventually follow. I try to instill this attitude in my students as well as myself.

I love the challenge of helping people improve at poker. Every student is different and no two players paths will be the same. It’s our job to create a detailed learning plan for each student and guide them through the never-ending process of improving their technical game, while preparing them mentally for the successes and failures they will experience along the way.

Our coaching team has cumulatively made millions of dollars in cash games, and are vastly experienced at coaching players as they make the tough transitions from 25nl all the way to 500nl+. As a bitB Cash student you will have direct access to this knowledge and experience. On top of this, our student base includes some extremely hungry players on their way to the top. We interact daily on Discord and there is a very strong community spirit in our team. It brings me great pleasure to see the evolution of the project since its inception in late 2016, and partnering with the guys at bitB is the next step of that evolution.

I had planned to continue growing d7sarmy myself this year, but the opportunity arose to work with the guys at bitB and it seemed like a no-brainer. I had been following their progress via Pads’ thread on 2p2 and I’m consistently impressed with their attitude and commitment to the process. I am an outsider to the MTT world but it does seem to me like they’ve raised the bar in MTT staking. I’ve already learned a great deal from them in the short time we’re been working together, I think our skills dovetail very well and I’m confident we can improve all aspects of the company as bitB Cash

I am extremely excited to see how bitB Cash progresses in 2018 and beyond!

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