Firstly we need to figure out how does that best version of yourself look. I think we should begin with something easy, meaning/purpose of life for example. As far as I know there is no divine higher meaning of life (and it’s awesome! It’s mind-boggling to me how people assume it’s better to have one rather than create one by yourself). Therefore we are free to fulfill our lives with the purpose of our own choosing.

For majority of people the most fulfilling thing is “to make a difference”(including the author of ramblings above and below). But what does it mean “to make a difference”? I think the following definition is a good one: “The number of sentient beings whose lives you improve, and how much you improve them by.”

So what are the best ways to make a difference? This is the list of behaviors which imo make the biggest difference and are manageable for the majority of people in the Developed World starting with the easiest ones and moving towards the hardest (and ones which make the biggest difference as well):

1) Be nice and kind to your family & friends(call your mother and grandmother at least once a month for example if you live far away).

2) Be nice and kind to anyone you meet(compliment a Salesperson in the Supermarket for example).

3) Volunteer at least once in awhile at a soup kitchen, home for the elderly etc. Make some blood donations once in awhile at your nearest hospital or to someone who needs it elsewhere.

4) Become a Vegan (for those who needs clarification why is it so high in the list I highly recommend to watch Cowspiracy and Earthlings preferably in that order).

5) Donate a % of your income to Charity (money is the most efficient way to help a person in need whether they needs food, medical care or any other help outside of some types of a mental one).

This is the list of behaviors I want to see myself doing for the rest of my life.

Another key aspect of making a difference is constantly improving in all of the behaviors listed above; Call your family & friends more often, give a compliment to a stranger more often, volunteer more often, try to explain to other people why becoming a Vegan is very important rather than being offended by their instantly triggered defense mechanisms, work hard on improving your professional skills therefore increasing amount of money you can donate to the Charity.

The process of improving in these areas that are most important to you is precisely what I would call becoming the best version of yourself.

Even if all of the behaviours listed above are a part of your daily life you still might feel that you aren’t good enough since you aren’t donating 100% of your income minus life expenses, you don’t spend 100% of your time at soup kitchens. That’s the time when schelling points come in handy and it’s our personal responsibility to determine reasonable schelling points to avoid anxiety and self-loathing . For example donating 2% or more of your income(REG), 10% or more (giving what we can), having some pre-scheduled days of the month/periods of the year for volunteering work.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world!

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