August 16, 2017 -

Becoming the best version of yourself

Warning: Below is another demonstration of exquisite writing skills of a Poker player (non-native English comes as a bonus). Think twice before you continue 🙂

Meeting the right people

The courage to play a bigger game

Life in Poker

5 tips on how to win in your friendly home game

Taking ownership of your learning

The longest blog entry I’ll ever write/My Experience with BitB/Is Staking right for you

The fast guide to becoming succesful at Poker

Pads1161 2016 Summary

Pads1161 WCOOP Review Part 2

Diets, information, and swift kicks to your Nether Region

Simple Soft Skills Strategies

The legend of the Honey Badger

What is Success?

What if…

Do you want to join the Team ?

EPT Barcelona

Choosing who you live with as a poker player.

Playing in the zone and managing your expectations

Staking – Pro’s, Con’s & Misconceptions

Poker in 2016, everybody is SOLID

Barrelling Betty!

Don’t play like your TV heroes!

Create a winning plan