How long will the deal last?

The minimum contract length will be twelve months. In order for the deal to be fair for both parties, we need to have your action for a considerable number of hands, but we don’t want to create a situation whereby you’re incentivized to grind hands without any regard for quality.  Therefore we insist all students commit to twelve months, playing at least 50k hands/month.

What are the terms of the agreement?

The standard deal we offer is as follows; We split everything (including rakeback) 50/50 on a monthly basis, but you can earn extra bonus %’s depending on your volume and winrate:

  • For every 10k hands you play in excess of 50k, you get a bonus 2% (8% max.)
  • For every 1evbb you win at in excess of 4, you get a bonus 2% (8% max.)

In exceptional circumstances we can show some flexibility in these numbers to reflect students already showing outstanding winrate and/or volume.

How much coaching will I be provided?

You are guaranteed to receive at least one individual session per month, plus we aim to have at least two group coaching sessions per week.

However, the best thing about CFP is that the priorities of the coach and student are perfectly aligned – both parties want the student to be the most profitable player they can be as soon as possible. If a student needs a session, the last thing we’d want to do is wait for them to play  a certain number of hands beforehand.

Instead, the typical situation will work like this – in your first month we will work together very closely – looking at your database, how you use information, and identifying the areas we can quickly increase your profitability. These first few months will be by far the most intense for you as the student as we breakdown and rebuild how you play poker, and your approach to improvement in general. The reason for this should be obvious – on day one our incentive to coach you is enormous as we have your action for the next 364 days. On day 360 however, our incentive to coach you is much lower. For this reason, your sessions will be heavily concentrated on those first few months, beyond that you will receive sessions less frequently, mainly focusing on a particular element of your game that needs worked on, or if you’re having an extended downswing.

What kind of content is on your website?

We’ve been adding content to the video library since November 2016. The videos so far include numerous session reviews (of coaches’ play and of students’ play), HH analysis, a series on using PIOsolver efficiently, Mental Game concepts, and database analysis. The aim of the video library is to ensure all students have plenty of material to work on between coaching sessions.

I play on xxxx site, am I eligible?

If you are completely unknown to the poker community, you will need to be playing on PokerStars to be accepted into the program. The reason for this is that currently, Pokerstars is the only site we can request account audits and download the hands you’ve played directly from their servers. This safeguards us from people faking, or being dishonest, about their results. If you are unwilling to play a sample on Stars, you will need a very strong reference to make it onto the program.

Do you coach for an hourly rate?

No, we don’t offer coaching on an hourly basis, the only way to receive coaching from bitB Cash coaches is to join the team. Coaching for hourly creates a strange situation where the incentives of the player and the coach are very different – the coach wants to book a lot of hours while the student just wants the most useful information as quickly as possible. This is why many coaches offer discounts for buying many sessions upfront. It’s quite a rare thing for someone to move up through the stakes completely without help, we think the best way to do it is through a CFP program, hence we won’t accept offers for hourly paid coaching.