Welcome to bitb cash

bitB Staking is delighted to have partnered with d7sarmy to bring you our newest team, bitB Cash. Along with d7sarmy’s cash game knowledge, much of our expertise that we have acquired through many years of success in bitB Staking will cross over to cash games, such as: communication, analysing player performance, learning paths, and much more. Together we will create the best cash game coaching team in the business!


Donald Rae

bitB Cash Head Coach



We will provide you with the highest quality cash game content exclusively available to bitB Cash players from our team of coaches that have won millions beating the online games.


You will have access to the minds of some of the biggest winners in online cash games for stakes ranging from 200nl-2knl, who will help you reach the same levels of success.


Engage with the smartest players in the game who are using the most modern techniques to continue to crush the game.

High quality coaching videos

We boast a video library of over 100 of the most valuable cash game videos, available exclusively for our players.
Below is an example of one of our videos. Check it out!

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