Do I have to play a minimum number of games each month ?

Yes, our players must play at least 400 games on average each month.

What is the coaching setup at bitB Staking ?

There are two live group sessions and three video sessions provided each week in the team. Every player in the team has access to our three mental game coaches to work with and our Main Stable players also have 1-1 sessions each month. 

Is it possible to receive coaching if I’m not staked ?

No, only players who join the bitB team have access to our coaching.

How do I move up in stakes ?

We have a tier system from 1-14 with 1 being the highest. Within our tier system, every player knows what tier they’re in, and what they need to do in order to be promoted to the next one. We perform in-depth reviews with our players every three months where we’re able to provide feedback on performance, as well as guidance to help them improve.

Do you stake players that are residing in the United States of America ?

We are currently unable to provide staking to players residing in the USA due to the current restrictions.