WHAT IS the bitb Academy?

In over four years of staking players in bitB we have turned down thousands of players, hundreds of which had the potential to be a huge success in poker, however, we only had the resources available to manage players for mid-high stakes MTTs. We now have the infrastructure in place so that we’re able to help more players at low-mid stakes to realise their potential and become the best version of themselves they can be.

Patrick, Sam, and Tomi provide mentoring to every Academy player who equally share the same goal to move up through our tier system and join our Main Stable. Any player we take on will have the chance to one day be the very best player in the whole team.

Founded by the best MTT players


Samuel Vousden

Head Coach/Investor


Patrick Leonard

Head Coach/Investor


Tomi Brouk

Head Coach/Investor



We have assembled the best MTT players in the world to create a stellar coaching team that has made over 20 million dollars playing online MTTs.


No longer will you have to miss the best tournaments because of bankroll constraints. We provide daily top ups on every site.


Connect with the hungriest MTT players in the world, studying and discussing hands 24/7.

High quality coaching videos

We boast a video library of the most valuable MTT videos, available exclusively for our players.
Below is an example of one of our videos. Check it out!

How bitB changed my game

When I joined the academy was expecting a nice community, good coachings and all you can expect when you join bitB but it was much more than I could imagine. They give you all the support, information and confidence that you need to be the best poker player you can ever be. Of course if you are not prepared to put tons of work this place is not for you, but if you are I can’t give a recommendation of a better place. The coachings are insanely good with all up-to-date informations and I just feel like all our coaches are working as hard as they can to help us get to the top. Besides that Patrick/Sam/Tomi are always very present given feedbacks and this is very valuable for me and I already took to much information from them that helps me both in game and off the tables.

Eduardo "eduardo850" Silva

Being part of the academy helped me to discover a lot of leaks & to understand way better how poker works. The content is high quality & the community is very helpful! It really fuels the motivation to be in an environment where everyone works to become better everyday! It allows me to see way clearer how to become 100$+ abi reg. Now I feel like I have to keep working hard and it’s just a matter of time. I look forward to see where I am 1 year from now!

François "$et4x4" Pirault

Since joining bitB Academy almost one year ago my poker career has changed completely. They instill a special mentality and drive into you that you wouldn’t get elsewhere. The coaches are some of the best online players in the world and the multiple coaching sessions given to us each week are valuable, focused and interesting. The community is incredible and you get an unbelievable amount of support – not just to improve your poker game, but your life. I genuinely believe anyone who joins bitB would be taking a step forward in their poker career.

James "highogbigdog" Higgins

I applied for bitB as low/midstakes player who was struggling to make a leap and wasn’t really sure if he actually wants it. Didn’t really knew what I was coming into but after first moment of joining Academy I was overwhelmed by many new information and access to videos and both strategical and mindset discussions by some of the greatest minds this game can offer. And I got lot more than I was hoping for – really supportive, non-toxic and open-minded community in which being honest with yourself and your peers is encouraged. Got coached by people who took the same route and were playing same schedule as me just recently, took the leap and now crushing mid/high stakes which was very important for me when I was choosing the stable since I wanted to be coached by people who know how it’s done in current state of the game. Playing poker on high level today is not an easy task, but if you want to make it and are willing to put the hours in the lab I don’t think there is a better option than bitB.

Nenad "nomalice" Djukic

Are you ready to evolve from a winner into a crusher?