August 7, 2017 -

The longest blog entry I’ll ever write/My Experience with BitB/Is Staking right for you

It’s been over a month since my first blog post was requested of me and quite frankly it’s a bit embarrassing it’s taken me this long to get around to it. It’s been a combination of it not being a part of my routine (The poker related things I’m used to doing on a daily basis involve playing, studying and coaching, remembering to write a blog about my life is just not something that I wake up and think to do.) A lack of inspiration also posed a problem until recently when I was following the bitB staking thread on 2p2 and Pads was taking a lot of flak from a few accounts who were accusing Pads of making posts and claims about bitB that they claimed were at the very least exaggerations and potentially outright lies etc. Having been staked a few times in the past (never by bitB) and having worked for two stables as well as having done innumerable private coaching sessions and producing over a 100 videos for training sites I’m probably uniquely positioned to be able to comment on staking in general as well as multiple aspects of bitB’s program. Bear with me, as I am no poet. I was going to be a scientist and now I play cards on the internet so writing is not my forte. I already used “right” and “write” in the title of the blog and risked asking my readers to get naked with me just a line ago so you can tell this is going to be a no holds barred type of blog post! Fair warning. Some shots will be fired.