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bitB Staking is an online poker group focusing on tournaments at all stake levels. Founded by high stakes regulars Pads1161, Elmerixx and €urop€an, bitB has established the most effective learning environment possible for motivated players to maximize their potential. We have created a community of like-minded aspiring high stakes crushers, and provided our members not only with the best coaching possible in tournament poker, but also with the personal mentorship needed to take them to the next level. Every one of our coaches has grinded through the stakes and knows exactly what it takes to get to the top. Our players can trust us because we speak from experience.

Founded by the best MTT players


Samuel Vousden

Head Coach/Investor


Patrick Leonard

Head Coach/Investor


Tomi Brouk

Head Coach/Investor



We have assembled the best MTT players in the world to create a stellar coaching team that has made over 15 million dollars playing online MTTs.


No longer will you have to miss the best tournaments because of bankroll constraints. We provide daily top ups on every site.


Connect with the hungriest MTT players in the world, studying and discussing hands 24/7.

High quality coaching videos

We boast a video library of over 300 of the most valuable MTT videos, available exclusively for our players.
Below is an example of one of our videos. Check it out!

How bitB changed my game

When I first joined bitB I was a slightly winning mid stakes grinder. What the guys have done for me has been unbelievable. The guys have supported me so much, put a lot of time and confidence in me and have been the main reason for my improvement in this time. I could not recommend bitB any higher for someone who is looking to put in the work to jump to the next level.

The coaching is second to none, the community is amazing and very supportive and there is no reason why you would not want to join the team.

Patrick "thebigdog09" Brooks

I joined bitB because it was a special opportunity to be there from the start when something great was getting launched. I really love to meet other PokerPlayers from different countries and it allowed me to meet people I probably wouldn’t meet otherwise. I didn’t expect there to be so many people, I like that there is also the option to learn in smaller groups.

The guys are killing the coaching all over the place, they are always on point and open to discussions. I have never been in such an environment and if you want to get your game to another level you definitely need to try and join bitB.


The main reason I chose bitB was the coaching team, so it’s clear that my expectations were pretty high. Even so, they somehow managed to overcome my expectations.

The whole structure they have around strategy discussion is just amazing.

The video library, the strategy forums, the weekly coachings, and the whole community we have on Discord, where all the coaches are very active, and players help each other out, make it probably the best place for a player to be. And even already having a great group of coaches, they keep on surprising still going after the best players around and keeping on improving it more and more.

I’m very satisfied with my choice, and very happy to be part of what I do actually believe to be the best in the business staking.

Felipe "lipe piv" Boianovsky

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